Stacking Bins vs. Shelf Bins

Quite often during the sales process we have to educate many of our customers as to exactly which bin style is best for their application. We find ourselves discussing stackable shelf bins versus shelf bins, their characteristics and where they are best used.

Stack and Hang Bins (Quantum Ultra Bins) are extremely heavy duty bins that are designed for two purposes: 1) to stack on to one another and 2) to hang from a louvered panel. Built with a wide ledge on the top of the bin and with superior side wall strength, these bins can stack on each other while loaded with product. Smaller stacking bins usually keep tiny parts organized and by stacking the bins vertically on each other, freeing up vital desk space or counter space! Larger stacking bins, such as our “Rack Bins” are 42” long and are designed to fit into pallet racks. This style of bin is also great to stack from ground up and can store long, heavy items. Sturdy built in rear hangers allow the Ultra bins to hang from a louvered panel. In many cases entire walls are full of louvered panels with Ultra bins hanging from them. This allows product to be removed off of valuable floor space and can be organized into easily identifiable bin compartments. Because of their strength and the amount of injection molded plastic that it takes to create stacking bins, these bins are more expensive than shelf bins. See our Ultra bins web page by clicking the link below:

The origin of the injection molded shelf bin was to replace corrugated cardboard boxes that can break down over time. The plastic shelf bin is much sturdier and does not need to be replaced due to breakage. Shelf Bins are economically designed bins that simply rest on a shelf or counter top. They do not stack and they cannot hang from a louvered panel. The shelf bin is a way to organize and store items that are not tremendously bulky or heavy and the load of the bin is absorbed by what the bin is resting on (generally a shelf in a shelving unit). The bin has less injection molded plastic in its makeup, therefore is much less expensive. The shelf bins are designed to fit the most common lengths of shelving- 12”, 18” and 24” lengths. Also the bins are available in three different heights: 4”, 6” and 8” bins can be used for different circumstances of storage needs. The taller the bin, the more storage space is available. This allows the shelf bin to be a versatile storage device. There is money to be saved by switching to this bin style BUT the customer needs to always know the bin and its contents must be able to rest on a surface that will absorb the weight. See our web page to view the many options of shelf bins at:

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