Archive | April, 2014

Convenient 1-Pack wire shelving unit

In an attempt to offer all levels of product in an ever-changing wire shelving market, Quantum has introduced a new item that can help its distributors compete at the low price point level. Typically, low cost wire shelving is labeled ‘Consumer’ grade and has a lower capacity rating per shelf. This type of wire shelving […]

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Stacking Bins vs. Shelf Bins

Quite often during the sales process we have to educate many of our customers as to exactly which bin style is best for their application. We find ourselves discussing stackable shelf bins versus shelf bins, their characteristics and where they are best used. Stack and Hang Bins (Quantum Ultra Bins) are extremely heavy duty bins […]

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It’s so easy to get wired these days

Wire shelving has taken an incredible journey in the past 20 years. Living in obscurity for much of its life, the product slowly began to seep into the industrial market place in the mid to late 1990’s. Previous to the late 90’s the product was found primarily in Food Service- restaurants and hospitality. The product […]

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