Convenient 1-Pack wire shelving unit

In an attempt to offer all levels of product in an ever-changing wire shelving market, Quantum has introduced a new item that can help its distributors compete at the low price point level. Typically, low cost wire shelving is labeled ‘Consumer’ grade and has a lower capacity rating per shelf. This type of wire shelving unit is often purchased at big box hardware stores that many communities now have.

In addition to its ‘Industrial’ wire shelving, Quantum has introduced a Convenient 1-Pack Wire Shelving Unit. The weight capacity per shelf is 300 LBS and is perfect for home usage or light industrial needs. The cost comparison on these items now rivals the big box stores AND we have hundreds of units in stock! The big box stores generally only carry about 6-10 units per size. The Convenient 1-Pack wire shelving unit has everything you need all in one box! No tools are necessary to build this shelving unit and it can be set up in a matter of minutes. Check out these new items by clicking the link below:

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