QDS-3666HCO Double-Sided Louvered Racks

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The QDS-3666HCO double-sided louvered rack is suitable for the hanging of conductive storage bins in high volumes.


  • Bins are permanently conductive
  • Protects against EMI charges
  • Can be used to stored electric components
  • Not affected by being washed with ordinary cleaners
  • Prevents the build-up of electromagnetic charges
  • Dimensions: 36"L x 25"W x 66"H
  • Load: 2,000lbs
  • Bin Load: 240 max.
  • Carton Weight: 106lbs

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    QDS-3666HCO Double-Sided Louvered Racks

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    Additional Information

    Ctn Wt. 106
    Load (lbs.) 2000
    Outside Dimensions 36" x 25" x 66"