QBR-2721CO Conductive Bench Rack

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The QBR-2721CO conductive bench rack is a conductive storage unit that protects electrical components from charges and electro-static build-up.


  • Bins can be bought from Quantum Storage and customized to suit personal requirements
  • Holds up to nine different sizes of Ultra Bins
  • Rack dimensions: 27" x 8" x 21" (L" x W" x H")
  • Shipping weight: 16lbs
  • Sturdy upstanding rack ensures safety of stored contents

  • Ordering is made simple when looking for the QBR-2721CO conductive bench rack online on Quantum Storage's official website.

    Conductive Rack

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    Additional Information

    Ctn Wt. 16
    Load (lbs.) 150
    Outside Dimensions 27" x 8" x 21"