M2436C47RE Mobile Enclosure Cart

The M2436C47RE mobile enclosure cart is a wire shelving storage unit from Quantum Storage which will keep stored items in place while being transported.


  • Unit consists of three side panels, four wire shelves, rods and tabs
  • Perimeter formed by rods and tabs prevents items from falling off
  • Rods and tabs can be used on all shelf positions
  • Unit's dolly base can support heavy loads
  • Visibility and air circulation enabled by wire construction
  • Extra shelves can be ordered

  • Order the M2436C47RE mobile enclosure cart online from Quantum Storage today.

    M2436C47RE Mobile Enclosure Cart

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    Additional Information

    No. Shelves 4
    Load (lbs.) 800
    Outside Dimensions 36" x 24" x 80"
    Shelf (W x L) 24" x 36"