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Model No Shelf (W)Finish
BL36zoom 36"Chrome Finish
BL36BKzoom 36"Black Epoxy Finish
BL36GYzoom 36"Gray Epoxy Finish
BL36Pzoom 36"Proform Green Epoxy Finish
BL36Szoom 36"Stainless Steel Finish
BL42zoom 42"Chrome Finish
BL42BKzoom 42"Black Epoxy Finish
BL42GYzoom 42"Gray Epoxy Finish
BL42Pzoom 42"Proform Green Epoxy Finish
BL42Szoom 42"Stainless Steel Finish
BL48zoom 48"Chrome Finish
BL48BKzoom 48"Black Epoxy Finish
BL48GYzoom 48"Gray Epoxy Finish
BL48Pzoom 48"Proform Green Epoxy Finish
BL48Szoom 48"Stainless Steel Finish
BL54zoom 54"Chrome Finish
BL54BKzoom 54"Black Epoxy Finish
BL54GYzoom 54"Gray Epoxy Finish
BL54Pzoom 54"Proform Green Epoxy Finish
BL54Szoom 54"Stainless Steel Finish